Original title: “"Suicide" by TheFiercePixel and OtakuBloodshed
Date added: 06/02/13
Date stored: 06/02/13

The sheer stupidity of humans. No, no!  This can’t be happening. "Damn," I whispered as my voice cracked. Tears slowly flooded my eyes and cascaded down my sweaty face as I stared intently to the bright screen with those wretched words only idiots can chant. My hands shook and flinched as I clutched my soft hair. But that’s when I noticed it. The exit out of this barbaric, meaningless world. A silver gun gleaming at me from a decreased table, as if it was begging for me to do such ruthless actions. I stared at it’s ferocious brilliance. It stared back at me with it’s mighty snout. My unstable hand slowly felt the gelid steel as if petting it, with little hesitation, I grab the persuasive bastard. The algid tip of the gun was in contact my head, my hair, my skin. I took heavy breaths for they might be my last. I haltingly pulled the damned trigger, the blustering sound that came from the bullet traveled the through my head like wild-fire. I knew this is the end. As the bullet traveled through my head, I felt my veins ripping, blood pouring out of my skull and dropping onto the cold,hard concrete floor. As I fell towards the ground, I thought of my loved ones, my memories, and what I could of done in the future. I shed my final tear, wishing that no one else suffer the fate that I had encountered. But, it was all in vain. For the world is impure, no one can stop the people who do such terrible things on a daily basis. The closer that I got to the floor, the blurrier my vision started to become. I once again thought about what I could have done if I were still alive. I thought of all the crushes that I’ve had that I never admitted my love to. I thought of how my family and friends will react to this situation. I realize that it was foolish and selfish to take my own life. But, once again, it was all in vain, for I am still lying on the cold, hard, bloody, concrete floor.

Author's NotesEdit

TheFiercePixel here!Funny story on how this happened.

Me and Otaku were just talking about how stupid people can be and I described in somewhat heavy detail what I would do.And the she did the same.And then I realized that it could be a story.And then I made it so.

You can find OtakuBloodshed on DeviantArt here:

And you can find me on:

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