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Date added: 04/17/13
Date stored: 05/04/13

"No... Why me?" Gwen cried, her brown straight hair in front of her eyes.

"Wasn't there anything you could do?!" Gwen's tears cascaded down her face as she looked at the empty bed next to her. 

"I'm sorry, your... brother is gone. The tumor was too close to the heart anyways. We don't have the technology that could operate within such delicate guidelines," the doctor explained simply, as if he were telling a child what 2 + 2 is.She stared at him.

Disgusted. He enjoyed her pain. She couldn't bear it. Her heart beat faster and faster as she ran from corridor to corridor.  She ran as fast as she could out of there, away from Roy. Why did he have to die? He didn't do anything. He was a saint compared to that doctor. Gwen stopped at a cliff right by the hospital. She heard the waves crash loudly against the rocks below.

She was nothing without him. He was her only family. Her mother dead and her dad never showed up. Her life was terrible, She hated her life. Why bother?  She braced herself and jumped. She felt the wind through her hair. She felt alive. How ironic, she thought, that at the moment of death, you feel. Alive. She smiled happily as she crashed down upon the jagged rocks below. The sea became red with her blood and, in her final moments she said, "I'm coming... Roy..."

This is a story a child wrote before her sister committed suicide. She details the heroine as Gwen and the brother as Roy.

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