Original title: “Darkness...
Date added: 01/17/12
Date stored: 04/27/13


You can't see in the darkness. Which means you can't see the harm and threats lurking in the shadows of the darkness. Evil spirits like to be in the darkness.

Sometimes if you light a candle or turn on the lights or a flashlight the evil runs away, because they got caught and are afraid of the light. But mostly, once the evil goes in the darkness, and you enter it, the evil can get you, even if you turn on the lights. Sometimes light just isn't going to help you.

Ever had that feeling, at night, where you're in your warm, comfy bed trying to go to sleep, and it's completely dark and quiet and you get that feeling that something is with you and watching you? That's because there is. There are evil spirits in that darkness watching you, timing when to attack you. Sometimes they don't always attack you.

Sometimes, their attack is to make you paranoid about being in the dark. Like when you're just a child, and you're afraid of the darkness and need a nightlight. That's because the evil spirits are taking over your mind, making you think something is coming to get you, like the monster in your closet or the boogeyman under your bed. And when you have that nightlight, all your fears go away, meaning the evil spirits have gone away.

When you're in the darkness, you're just waiting for that evil to come get you. Waiting for that monster to come bite your face off. Waiting for it to eat your soul. Things like this don't usually happen. Sometimes demons like to mess with your mind like this. Usually in the end you just shake off the fear, telling yourself it's just your imagination, and then go to sleep, or turn on a light. But it's not always your imagination.

Darkness. Something most evil is found in. Something that likes to trigger our imaginations. Something demons can be hanging out in. Bad things are lurking in the shadows of darkness. Waiting to attack. You may end up finding yourself beaten up from a bad guy or controlled by some evil from this darkness. Just because you think the darkness is good for sleeping and whatnot, that doesn't mean there are bad things too.

So ask yourself: Are you still afraid of the darkness? 

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