Original title: “A Descend Into Insanity
Date added: 06/03/13
Date stored: 06/03/13

Lets start at the beginning I guess I should say. My name is Fred Hutchinson and I am 13. My parents are evil, terrible people. They only judge and make my life a nazi camp. I get home to work and sometimes to a slap to the face. We don't even have electricity. I mean they don't even let me have friends. I've neither seen one second of TV. I sometimes find myself wondering, "I should just leave. Run off to the woods. Become a mountainman. I don't know something like that." But then I realize that I've lived in the city my whole life and I would probably get mauled. Know let me tell you how it started.

I was walking home from school one day and then I got jumped. It was some kids from school that have bullied me since kindergarden. They jumped at me punched me, kicked me, and told me to give them my money. You know the usual school ground bullying. But then I snapped. I don't know what happened, but it felt like years of anger and pain was being released. Their head retard Jarrod threw a punch and I caught it, sweeped his leg, kicked him in the ribs. The other two then ran away like I was expecting. As I got home my Mom started to yell at me about the blood on my shirt and to mow the yard and some over yard work. Hours latter when I finished my Dad went outside and told me to do it again and that my work looked like shit.

After I did it again my Mom told me to get inside and that my dinner is getting cold. I then went inside and sat by my Dad. He then stuck his head out the window and yelled that I would just have to do it again tomorrow. With all of my rage that I had been saving I yelled at him and told him to did it himself. He then punched me. My Mom just stood their laughing. Telling me that it's my fault for raising my voice.

I snapped. I grabbed my steak knife and lunged at my Dad with the most speed and force that I had ever used. The knife sunk right into his gut. He just looked at me and gargled his blood in his mouth. My mom just fell silent and started to cry. She then got her senses back and started to run. That just made my rage even worse. In a blast of strength I threw my knife and it struck her in the back of her head. She then fell into a pool of her own blood

I then calmly walked to the bookshelf and took one off of the shelf. Its title was A Descend Into Insanity. I then laughed. I realized that I was going through my very own descend into insanity.

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