Original title: “Everyday...”
Date added: 08/02/13
Date stored: 08/02/13


It happens everyday. People die everyday.

Some people get's brutally murdered.

Some people gets raped.

Some are murders are just an accident.

While other murders are on purpose.

It’s a fact. People die everyday.

Some people get´s tortured.

Some people get´s beaten to death.


But everyone dies. It’s a fact. It is a sad fact. But it's still a true fact.

If you chose to not believe it, you have to know it's still true

But you will feel anger, sorrow, hatred once is someone you knows turn to die.

When is your turn to die someone else will feel the same as you did that time.

Maybe, just maybe you should take 5 seconds of your life to look behind you.

If there is no one or nothing there. Then lucky you!

If someone or something is there then goodbye. Forever…

Because you have to remember the fact. People die everyday…

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