Original title: "The forest"
Date added: 05/03/13
Date stored: 05/03/13

Have you ever been to "The forest"? Not many people know why it's just called the forest, but it just is. People go there for family picnics and seem to never make it back home. In one piece. I once entered the forest but not to deep or else... things might happen. I found what seemed to be a diary entry. The page had been torn out. This is what I read.

Where am I? I had recently woken up in what seems to be a forest. I don't know how the hell I got here, but I need to get out. I've seen things. Things no else has seen. A dismembered body, with a branch piercing through the stomach. Entrails and guts lay on the floor below. An arm which had a few bite marks on it. It was horrible. But the worst thing, when I saw this huge hooded figure dragging a corpse along the floor with it. I followed it reluctantly and saw the figure feeding off the dead body. He was alive. He wasn't dead. The dead body started to scream in agony as the thing chewed his flesh, biting through his skull and ending his misery. I tried to run. But it knew it was there. It's following me. If you're reading this... tell... everyone.

I dropped the diary entry shortly after reading it and walked off. But there was a sound. Twigs snapping in half. Footsteps. What... what was it?

Credit to: Thatevildogthing

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