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This story is completely left behind....

The truth about the feeling you get..Edit

The feeling when beeing watched or seeing something very vagues gives us terror so even if it's non-threatining It's makes us feel terror.

The story of Dalius RangerEdit

It started in a Small, broken house where he lived most of his life with his mother. Could it have been more normal his mother's vacant smile and vague face made him a alittle worried and plus he could seek comfort with her. But one day while his mother was cleaning up the outside of their house he anouced he was going to leave, his eyes full of tears and his bag packed he was ready to take on the world he thought quietly. "Dalius don't leave me..." she cried but her expression was that same happy smile. Dalius was concerned, "was this even real life? having a mother who doesn't change expression? someone who doesn't feel? This isn't right!" He thought. He ran trying to get away but his mother who was unbuttoning her shirt one button at a time, then tearing her soft opaque skin open to rip out her heart to give to Dalius. "I love you Dalius, STAY WITH ME!" Her voice echoed. Luckely Dalius got away but leaving his poor mother behind him. She is still looking for him to give her heart and the other hearts to Dalius in the Montana mountains, and praying on the hikers that are there. only one question remains with her through this time has passed..."Have you seen my baby boy, Dalius?

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