Original title: "HELP"
Date added: 5/25/13
Date stored: 5/25/13

Where are everyone?

Staring upon the skies, bodies were hanging. Gods’ dolls they call them. These innocent dolls did not say anything, except for a girl, shouting help. There would always be three men coming and doing her, one by one. Having their affairs through her body as a ticket machine. When done, they would leave her, out in the cold with unforgiven money.

She had a bear, teddy bear. It would always be dinging beside her, when in the most outrageous situations. She had long hair, maybe too long to be considered normal. All she did was looking up, directly to the skies. One day, one of her men came by and did her, but differently, he gave her something. A Gameboy, yes, a Gameboy. Something she could at least enjoy by herself. However, did she accept it? As soon, she saw it, man’s vision faded into pitch black. In addition, minutes later, there was nothing but the color red. The girl was not even there. When the police found the place, it was clear as if nothing happened.

Did the city even last afterwards? The answer is no.

As this was the beginning of her massacre, thousands of people were “gone”, meaning they are still alive, without their origins. As said by John, the scientist behind the ONBOARD project. He claims that the bodies becomes into “parasite forms” when their period comes. “Lifeless bastards.” His project was about removing these bodies, with equipment he specializes. Their main goal was the girl. Did they even last? The fact that she began “removing” people from their existence made the city more of a suicide trip. Even after 27 years, there has still not been a single person alive in the city.

Not a single human being alive.

Hanging like dolls.

Where are everyone?