Original Title: "He watches"

Date added: 8/31/13

Date stored: 9/1/13

My name is Lila Wilson, I am 13 years old, I have a sister named Lily, and a brother named Peter.

Now, the thing is, when I was 10, my sister got a doll. She called him, Fred.

Now, Fred wasnt really that creepy at first, he was pretty cool at first.

He had maroon fur, a plastic head, and soft, fluffy paws. He was like, a creature kind of doll.

Everyday, she would play with him, and sometimes, ask me to join the two of them.

When I was in the middle of doing homework, she asked, and I refused.

" Fred is sad Lila! FRED IS SAD! DONT MAKE HIM SADDER!" She would scream if I refused.

Finally, I gave in.

" Fine, lets play with Fred." I said softly, I would smile, and she would grin, and we would play something.

The next year, this is when things became creepy, and disturbing about this " Fred "

Now, when I refused, she would say

" Fred will get you one day, if we cant play "

Not believing in her childish remark, I refused, she screamed, and cried.

" FRED, LILA WONT PLAY!!!" She would run off, and I would be seriously freaked out.

She always pretended that Fred would do something if I didnt listen to her, I was beginning to have enough, and I explained to my mother about Lily's childish attitudes, and her threats that " Fred " had said to me.

That night, I felt like someone was watching from the closet. SOMETHING was there.

Heavy breathing by my side, slowly turning, I saw those eyes.

Fred's, PLASTIC eyes, slowly, a hand of his popped out, holding something sharp.

I shivered in fear, backing up, grabbing my emergency gun from the bed.

" I warned you " I saw him crawl at me, shooting him rapidly, I screamed, seeing blood spray from the doll, I sobbed. It fell down, I grabbed whatever it was holding, stabbed it multiple times, threw it out the window, and threw it into the garbage can.

To this day.. that garbage can, has never, EVER been opened.

I warned everyone about Fred, knowing one day, he will, be back.