Original title: "It..."
Date added: 03/29/13
Date stored: 05/10/13

The story starts off by me having a dream about something watching me. I woke up in fear and walked down the hallway too go to the bathroom and looked out a small window while walking out the door, I saw an eye, I ducked, I thought it was nothing.

I went to sleep like nothing happened.

I was having a normal day until I saw something run in the woods. I thought it was a rabbit and left off with TV. It was getting dark and I let out my dog and saw it. I ran after it into the woods it turned and it face its horrible face it had sharp teeth and the eye they were black all black! I ran away and tripped and felt something touching me.

I woke up laying in a bed but I was sure I laid on the floor. I felt something in my pocket it was a note that said you will end. Some days i see it just watching me.

Credit to: Mawlzee