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Date added: 07/13/13
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I ran, only hearing the pounding of my heart against my chest, threatening to break out and run away. Over and over again, growing louder and louder. Thump, thump, thump. All i could see was the dim glow of my house ahead of me. 'Faster!!!' I yelled at myself. My legs and chest were screaming for a break. I glanced behind only finding out I should not have. It's mangled horns were inches from my back. I looked forward but not fast enough. The world slowly dimmed out as I saw It skid to a stop and walk up to me. The last thing I see is It eating away at my flesh.

I open my eyes to a burning bright light. Squinting I sat up then clasped back down on the rock, screaming in agony. I looked to my stomach where the pain came from and almost vomited. Sticky blood filled with maggots was dripping down into a puddle beside the rock. I looked at my surroundings. A dark cave with nothing in it but me. Where am I? I got up in midst of the pain.