Original title: “Just the wind ...”
Date added: 07/17/13
Date stored: 07/17/13

Original Author: Ashalaylay(:

The alarm blared. "7:00" I thought. As I got up I could already tell something was off. I went through my morning routine as usual, but as I called out to my mom to let her know I was on my way out, I got no answer. "Late morning?" I thought.

As I crunch through the leaves that dead, quiet, brisk morning I hear a strange shuffling of leaves in a nearby tree, as I turn around through the fog of my breath I can almost make "it" out. Something tall, huge actually. I blow it off, "Its just the wind, you're paranoid" I whispered. I keep walking, but my journey to school seemed extra long this morning.

That's when I heard it, the scream, it was almost directly behind me. It could of went on for miles. I whirl around to where it stood... Tall, white, with the biggest darkest eyes and the sharpest teeth glaring at me through that devious grin, letting out that almost never ending gargling, blood curdling screech. It started slowly moving towards me, very shakily and slow. Almost twitching. That's when I started screaming. Then it quickly whizzed up, now inches from my face and ripped my tongue out with its big, sharp, dirty claws and screamed in its high pitched, almost ringing voice "SHH ITS JUST THE WIND!" All I remember is falling down, and bleeding for what seemed like ages..

That's when my alarm blared. "7:00" I thought, as I got up I could already tell something was off...

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