Original title: “My Dream” By Donthugme
Date added: 06/29/13
Date stored: 06/29/13

Last night, I had a dream.

In that dream, I was at school, except it wasn't really my school. Like normal everyday schools, you have hallways to get around places, correct? Well, in my dream, we had a giant central room in the shape of a cylinder, with multiple levels, so many levels in fact, if you look down there would be darkness. Just to make things worse, you had to walk on skinny platforms, so if you fall, you most likely would die.

After a few minutes of school, we all had to go outside to go home and there was a dense fog. I went home and got onto youtube, and there was a video that i watched due to my curiosity getting the better of me. It basically talked about this virus that would eventually take over the world. This was a special virus, in fact it was the thing that was emmiting the fog. It said that the virus would most likely find it's way into the presidents chair, which stored away a secritive bomb inside, force the bomb to explode, causing a lot of electric waves to spread out.

The electric waves were so powerful, they could take out anyone, even Chuck Norris. The electric waves went all afound the earth, killing every single man it touched killing the entire human race. By the time the video was over, the fog outside turned black, I told my dad about the video, constantly pointing at the darkened fog. After a while I woke up panting, and I had a monstrous headache. I haven't told anyone besides my best friend and you guys about this dream.

Please don't think of me as someone trying to get attention, I just wanted to get my dream out via this. This really did happen to me, though I wish it hadn't, and I am still trying to figure out what this means.

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