Original title: “The puppet” Date added: 08/31/13 Date stored: 09/1/13

You wake up one morning, and you here a scream. And, a laugh. It was, a thing. "Mommy! Help me!" you watch in horror as your daughter is getting eaten. The doll, that you found on the street. It was, demented. A substance was running from the long tongue that was coiled around her.

"It was about time you got here!" It said in almost a very soft and lovely womans voice. But. Why? You think as the monster finishes eating your daughter. Tears are streaming down your face. But how could this happen? The evil thing steps out of the doll. "Hello." You see the thing.......... The thing looks as tall as a tall man, the hairs on its mouth are red, blood red. Then you here a crack. And you faint. "Hmmhmm."

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