Original title: “Strange Incounters
Date added: 05/05/13
Date stored: 05/05/13

3/3/2013 Edit

Yesterday, I bought a Xbox 360 game called "strange encounters" although, I was skeptic about buying it, because it was spelled encounters, instead of Encounters, Though, I didn't try it.


I tried the game, It didn't load, I noticed 2 large scratches on the back of it, So I took out my trusty CD repair kit and ran it through there, I have yet to try it.

5/3/2013 Edit

I popped in the disk and pressed play on the Xbox 360 dashboard, When I loaded up the game, I swore I thought I saw a rat on the screen, I jumped, but there was nothing scary on there, just a screen that said:

Strange encounters




It looked just like a normal title screen, it had green and aqua letters, so I pressed "Play" A normal player select screen came on, it had 3 characters, The select screen looked extremely like the select screen from trio the punch, but the characters were different. (notice the picture, but different)

My only problem was that I could only select one, and the on that I could select was a character with one eye, and a rifle. I played it for a while, yet I felt weird, so I went to bed. 6/3/2013 I woke up, but with one thing on my mind, playing that game again, But I couldn't, I had to go to work again, I felt weird, When I got home, I played it again, but when I selected the rifleman again, he was in a different area, instead of being in a cartoon world, he was in a VERY realistic place, it almost looked like the road outside my hou-- oh shit. Steve Johnson was found 3 miles down yardman road, he was shot to death.

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