Original title: “The shadow
Date added: 07/21/13
Date stored: 07/21/13

One night I was in the living room asleep I went down the hall to my room when there it was the shadow.The shadow started to run at me and I ran back to the living room,But I had to go to the restroom,But it was right there in the shower.I ran back to the living room.Then I heard a scream I turned around and the TV was on it was a zombie show.I turned it off.I went too my room there it was. It ran and grabbed me I punched it and screamed in my head.I did this not to wake my parents so it was so startling that I was about to die because of what happened so after that I went back to the living room.I went to sleep and slept till morning and had a great day again as usual,But when it was night I had a dream about it and woke up to see it staring at me and then it disappered.Then I went to sleep again and awoke in morning.I hope this is the end of this,But I am not sure. THE END