Original Title: "Say cheese" Date added: 08/30/13 Date stored: 09/1/13

Names and locations have been changed or censored in order to protect the identity of the victims and their families.

I live in a small town just outside of ??????? For several weeks now there have been cases of people missing, being a private investigator, hired by the most recent victim's family, I was looking in to it. Now, usually, I enjoy my job, when it's a simple case of lost cats or runaway children, but in this particular case I sensed something different.

I was looking through the victim's possessions a few days after I began the investigation, as the trail had otherwise gone cold, and I found a dream journal, before I go any further I should mention that the victim was 10 years old and had drawings of theirs around the room of the average 10 year old quality, inside the dream journal was a weeks worth of dreams, presumably the week before the child went missing, the accounts of the dreams are all the same.

"Yesterday I had a dream that a big scary man with no cheeks and a big smile woke me up at first I thought he was a clown or something but he had a knife thingy that was dripping warm in me and he said 'say cheese' then I woke up." -excerpt from victim's journal.

All of the dreams seem to be the same, though on the seventh day he drew what the man looked like. I will spare the details but the term "smile from ear to ear" could not possibly be used more accurately. I told the parents that their child was probably dead and that I couldn't do anything more to help.

Normally giving the specifics to an investigation is illegal, however for the past few nights I have had this dream, a dream of a man, or rather a silhouette, standing over me holding a dripping knife. Last night, I could make out his face and his awful, mind numbing voice saying over and over again. "Say cheese."

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