Original title: “Tim.
Date added: 05/04/13
Date stored: 05/04/13

Credit: XSpwX2

Day 1

Hi there, my name is George, I consider myself, to be, well, normal. I go on the internet, often use Reddit, Facebook or Instagram, maybe Minecraft or ROBLOX. Pretty normal things, normal people do on the internet, right? I have this friend at my school, Tim. Tim usually showed up later, didn't do his homework, I actually wouldn't really consider him a friend, just somebody, didn't like him, didn't hate him either. But something really weird happened recently, Tim, was on the news.

It said that his house burned to ashes, someone left something on I guess, maybe cooking something? The family was alright as far as she knew a reporter said, later Tim came back to school, no injuries, nothing. But he acted, stranger. People acted, stranger. No-one asked what happened, people just acted like nothing did. Maybe I was just imagining it in a dream or something?

Day 2

I'm terrified by now, news was on again, saying Tim was actually trapped inside taking a shower, when he got out he opened the door, fire was everywhere. Tim burned, he was still at school the next day though, nobody cared, acting as if, nothing happened.

Day 3

Tim didn't show up today, maybe just sick.

Day 4

I received a disc in the mail, labeled "Tim.", I've read enough Creepypastas and scary stories to know NOT to watch it, threw it in the garbage

Anyways, Tim still isn't at school. But more people are talking about him, I go and ask, they say "Don't you care? I hope you are joking!"

Day 5

Tim still hasn't arrived at school, I get the phone book and call him up. The phone answers and I hear a deep voice  on the other end of the conversation, saying the numbers, 25-15-21 23-9-12-12 4-9-5 1 16-1-9-14-6-21-12 4-5-1-20-8 6-18-15-13 20-9-13. I translated it in Google, it read, "You will die a painful death, from Tim." I hung up, the phone ringed again, I answered, said, "22-9-5-23 20-8-5 4-9-19-3."

Day 6


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