Original title: “The House On The Hill
Date added: 05/13/13
Date stored: 05/13/13

It was a cold rainy day.I stepped out of the car and headed outside.Our new house looked really old.The house stood still on the top of the hill.I tucked my iPhone in my pocket and started climbing up the hill and heading to the old house.The house looked really old.The trees had no leaves and there were cobwebs everywhere.Once I got closer I noticed a mysterious figure staring at me from the window.Then it dissapeared when i got closer.I opened the door and entered the house.The hall was very long and narrow.I decided to go to the basement to see what i could find.The basement was full of boxes.I passed a couple of boxes and things.Then i found a box.The Box was made of wood. Whoever carved it out of wood was an excellent wood carver.The box felt nice in my hands.On the back of the box i saw a note that read "Do not open this box".I thought that it was a joke so i opened the box.Suddenly the ground started shaking.A little girl rose from the ground.She looked like a grudge girl.I ran out of the basement and went straight to the door.It was locked.I panicked and ran up to my room.I heard the girls footsteps so i hid in the closet. Then I heard the footsteps coming closer i knew i was going to die.Just then i saw a light at the end of the closet.

I realized the closet was an elevator I quickly got in and pushed a random floor.The elevator started going down.After a while the elevator doors opened.I was in a different floor.The Floor looked like a slaughter house.Blood stained the white walls,Heads layed on the cold hard ground and knives were hung on strings.I was now scared out of my life.That girl was following me because I opened the box.I should have just listened to the note that was tapped on the box.As i walked past the rooms i noticed a room that caught my eye.The room spelled out "People Room". I entered the room.There was a desk full of files of different people i never met.Then i saw a journal and this is what it read "December 21 1945 I cant take it anymore the house is haunted she killed my wife and kids.I dont know what more she wants". I closed the book and left that room.I needed to find a way out of here.Then I realized I had my iPhone in my pocket the whole time.So i dialed the police's number.I got no answer.My phone had no service.I tucked it back into my pocket and started to cry.I was going to die soon.

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