Original title: The cat

Date added: 5/15/13

Date stored: 5/15/13

Original author: Knifeythekillerkitten

Ok,this cat I had,it was creepy.She could pick up a knife with her mouth,well every cat can....but still it was creepy..but four years ago,that cat ran away we didn't see her until next month.That month we were in Utah,we saw her starving too so we went back.When we went back paranormal things happend....

The Paranormal.....

The paranormal things were more deaths and no evidence at all but paw prints.Then I'd see the cat with blood on her mouth and when I go to get the knife to spread my butter on my toast in the morning,blood all over it.On the news once I saw the cat with a scay look on her face like she was smiling at her knife.Then the next day she got lost then came back in the matter of hours.Though,we saw something diffrent about her,her eyes were always narrowed in the evilest way a cat could.And her smile was the 'happy' smile everyone loves but then over time an infecton ate away her mouth and her smile was stuck huge you could see all of her teeth.

The End Of The Household.....

The cat just murders us all but me.No evidence left behind at all,but her claws and the knife and her tounge sliva.I ran off to Japan to be safe from the cat.I found out the house was took down,burned,and etc.She doesn't care about anyone at all but her own life.Her name is Knifey.

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