Original title: The box.

Date added: 5/26/13

Date stored: 5/26/13

Original author: TheKiwiSyndicate

I don't know where I am, how I got here, or how long I've been here. I'm not alone, I know I'm not alone. Screams and moans echo around me in all directions, but they're...strange. They don't sound like screams of terror, or screams of pain. They sound more...natural, as though it's just another basic necessity , like breathing. The people making them have been here for way too long, and now they simply linger, the last of their life used to call for death. I can't see them, I can't see anything. Aside from that, I never really hear much else. There's the occasional rattle of chains, but you get used to it after a while. However, last night, around half past 11 in the evening (If the watch on my wrist is correct) there was this a broken music box...playing in repeat. It did strange things to the rest of the prisoners. There screaming became more urgent, the rattling chains became more frequent, and a sudden bang was heard. It goes on like this for hours....until a mechanical roar howls from beyond the darkness. The monotonous drone of the screaming is replaced by a single, blood curdling shriek. Then it stops. It all stops. The music box plays one last time, before dissapearing into the darkness. It unerves me, every time I have to listen to it, setting every nerve in my body on edge...It's sending me insane....

It's back...that's closer now.....all of it. The screaming...the roar of the's....right outside my door....make...make it stop...MAKE IT STOP. MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT ST---

He found me. It found me. I'm glad he did. I enjoy it. He took my arm, and my right eye, as payment. But it's fine. The reward is greater. I'm his property now, but I don't mind. I sit on his wall, and watch over the prisoners, watching over them till It's time to for the harvest.

And when that time comes.

I turn the rusty crank of the music box.

The cage rattles, the chains shake.

The sudden banging as he wakes from his slumber.

The roar as he starts his chainsaw.

And another soul is harvested.

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