Original title: “Time To Die
Date added: 06/06/13
Date stored: 06/06/13

Hi my name is Josh, and when I was young I loved this zombie game called Days To Die. Well, I would be playing it if I didn't die.

It was an early morning, I just got out of bed, you know the usual. I went to my computer like I did every other day and started to play Days To Die. But, when I loaded up the page it redirecetd me to Time To Die. I tried to close the screen but it was like it was hacked. It wouldn't let me colse it. So I decided to play it.

It was just like Days To Die, but there were a bunch of locked characters, and they looked just like real people! I was amazed at how they could do that. It was like it was in 3-D. Then the screen went black. I started it back up and there was a sticky note on the screen. It said, "How do you like the game?" A chill ran back down my neck. I didnt put that there so, where did it come from? Then, everthing went black.

I woke up in a house with some tables and a kitchen. Then someone was knocking at my door so, I went to answer it. I asked who it is. Then the person answered "BRAINS."

My door broke down and a bunch of zombies came right at me. I knew right then that I was in Time To Die. So now you know how I died. Now, just sit back and play Time To Die for me.

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