Original title: “Tall Man
Date added: 06/21/13
Date stored: 09/18/12


I got a new job as nightshift at this place called Nemiths Park. Nothing interesting happened here except for a few kids sneaking in at night.

One night when I was on my shift everything was exactly the same as the other day, except none of the lights were on and no cars were going by. As I turned, I saw a trail that led into the forest. I thought of going down it, so I grabbed my flashlight and started heading down the trail. I was creeped out but managed to keep going. As I was walking I had the feeling I was being watched. I had the need to turn around and so I did, but... I wish I hadn't.

When I turned, I saw a sillouette of some man. I thought it was some kids playing a prank on me so I called out to them.

"Hey, who are you?"

No answer.

"HEY what are you doing here?"

No answer. I just ignored it and continued walking.

As I was walking I felt breathing down my neck. I spun on my feet around to see nothing there. I sighed in relief. I turned around and felt like I ran into a wall.

I pointed at the bottom and slowly made my way up. When I reached the torso, it was a suit-like body.When I reached the face, I gasped in horror to realize this man had no face. I quickly got up and ran away. When I got to the top he was there. I knew I was going to die. I closed my eyes for the last time..

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