Original title: The corner

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                          == The corner. ==By JDFEdit

She knew it was a mistake as soon as she turned the corner...

She heard a noise, being a girl of little courage she decided that it was best to scale the old oak. as she climbed the fog closed in on her slowly climbing its way up the tree getting closer and closer to the old shack carelessly perched on a high branch of the decrepit tree. She reached the top and then clambered into the hut. immediately she felt comforted but again she heard the sound, but this time it grew louder, the sound rang through out her head, that distinct sound, three bangs and then another sound, that kind of sound often used in cheap films as a sfx for electricity . she turned to the corner of the hut and began to walk to the bean bag she sat down and their it was again. ONE... TWO... THREE... ZAP! the lights in her tree house flickered, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, BANG. The light bulb spontaneously exploded shattering into millions of pieces. She began to search her pockets, desperation set in she started breathing rapidly and then she found it, she let out a sigh of relief and turned on the phone which then began to emit a dim light that battled with the darkness and fog that filled the room the battle was won by the light in all areas of the shack with the exception of one corner,that corner stubbornly remained covered with that impenetrable shadow, again she heard the sound but this time faster.

ONE.. TWO.. THREE.. ZAP! she slowly approached the corner and she noticed an unusual shaped shadow, she heard a sound similar to a dripping tap and turned her gaze towards the floor all she could see was a large red puddle, a large red puddle of blood with droplets occasionally splashing down contributing to the mess, she slowly looked up to the wall and she saw her loyal companion, Frieda, nailed to the wood by its tail and front two paws with her fur fully saturated with blood and a terrified look, there was no doubt in the girls mind her loving and faith full dog, the dog that she grew so close to since the age of 3 had been brutally murdered.

that's the end of chapter 1 there's more to come next week, tell me what you think of it(all grammar changes will be done in the final version