Original title: “Tick tock
Date added: 07/13/13
Date stored: 07/13/13

Tick Tock, Tick tock.
Time is slipping away from you're grasp.
There sounds the clock. Tick tock, Tick tock.
the sights you see leaves you only to gasp.
There they sit silently politely.
Their smile ever so nicely.
A laugh rises from one of them.
A sharp look would reveal you to him.
Where are you?
You're in a class of the coup.
Their faces all look to you eager and ready.
The one boy stands on his bashed legs steady.
The others join him in delight.
Eyes showing a monstrous appetite.
Tick tock sounds the clock.
You run, you dash, you crash.
In a daze you see what has given you such an awful lash.
More children to stand aghast.
Their ghostly smile scars you.
Their eyes are a dark char.
You step to footing in terror, you back away in horror.
You see them and grow surer.
They couldn't be real now that's foolish to think.
children would not try to kill you and take your blood to drink.
You run fast through a crowd of bites and scratches.
You turn back to only see groups of dashes.
Open the door you do and lock it behind you.
look out the window you refuse to do.
All is silent.
Tick tock sounds the clock.
You walk to the other side of the room and turn around looking at the window.
there you see the little monsters staring through the glass.
What are they? What black mass did they spawn?
You look to the board and see what has been drawn.
A clock sits nice and steady. With hands all bloody.
Close your eyes, escape from terror.
Open your eyes and see there is nothing at the door anymore.
They have far advanced beyond it.
The room is now dark, nothing lit.
Will you play our final game of hide and seek?
We promise not to peek.
Tick Tock, Sounds the clock.

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