Original title: “The video”
Date added: 8/26/13
Date stored: 8/26/13

If you bear the courage, on a december afternoon, when the moon is in the east, sit in front of your computer monitor. Make sure your computer monitor is turned off and the power source is disconnect from your desktop.. Touch your screen with your left index finger, then with your right little finger, and count to 14, slowly.

When you get to 7, begin counting approximately twice as fast until you reach 13. When saying 14, shout as loud as you possibly can. If you're rather unlucky, you may find the computer monitor will begin to show a series of texts, revealing itself with incredible speed, until the screen glows an intense blue. DO NOT look away from the screen for any reason.

While you feel its breath hit the back of your head, and whenthe all lights of your home simultaneously switch off, be sure to whisper these five words, as softly as you possibly can: "Be friends with me". Make sure it sounds friendly and welcoming, and whatever you do, do not try to show you're unnerved by the chill of its breath against your neck.

If you are lucky enough that it is satisfied with your answer, it will force its fingers into your eyes, but do not despair, you will feel no pain. You will regain consciousness in a seemingly innocent garden in a peculiarly familiar town, and passers-by will all be recognisable to you. It is not certain how long it takes, but eventually, one of these familiar faces will begin to approach you.

A feeling of dread will run through your body as you will subconsciously be informed of the purpose, this person, whoever they may be, and however closely acquainted you are, will be killed by your own hands. I advise you do this willingly, because it will be watching.

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