Original Title: That dream

Date Added: 9/7/13

Date Stored: 9/7/13

Original Author: TommyHappy

Have you ever had a dream that you realy don't know what is? You watching things you can't explane.

It isn't a monster, or a thing you have been afraid for a long time, but you still begining to be realy afraid. You trying to wake up, but you can't.

When you finaly wake up, its youre mom the first you see. She telling you when you sleept you cride for help, but you can't remember. You standing there, and you didn't know what that dream was, and when you try to explain what you saw, you couldn't, and when you try to forget, its alwas something you seeing that make you thinking about it.

Maybe if you could draw, you still can't know what you drawing.

I had dream that dream, and still remember.

Do you?

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