==Original title: “The shadow...
Date added: 5/23/13
Date stored: 5/23/13

You Lied==

It was a normal day, I was walking home from school and I was happy.

I finally wasn't depressed since my dad died.

I stopped in my tracks.

I felt like someone was stalking me.

I have had a stalker once, and it wasn't fun.

I quickly turned around and looked.


How can there be nothing?

I thought, I could almost feel the stalker's breath on my neck!

I turned around and continued having the feeling someone was watching me and ran.

I found myself at my house quicker then normal, and my mom seemed to notice. "Home already?" She asked me.

"I decided to hurry today, so I could get home quicker."

I lied.


She replied but she still looked like she thought it was weird.

I walked upstairs to my room.

I grabbed out my laptop and checked my email.

There was one message.

I read it.

It was a weird message.

It said, die die die die die die, and whoever wrote that, wrote it about one hundred times!

Who does this!

I looked around and ended up looking at my shadow.

The creepy part was, it wasn't there!

My shadow was gone!

I searched around my room.

I saw a girl, about fourteen, was standing there.

But this wasn't human.

It was pitch black coloured.

It had hair, but was pitch black too.

It turned around to face me.

What shocked me the most was the eyes.

The eye colour was glowing white with a grey pupil.

The white part of a normal human eye was black.

The pitch black figure's eyes started to bleed, bleed until there was a puddle of blood on the floor.

She... or can i even call it she, took a step toward me causing me to be so panicked I threw my laptop at it.

It didn't even hit it.

The laptop stopped in mid air and and fell to the ground.

It continued to stumble toward me and as it did, the walls started to shrink with every footstep.

Until I was face to face with it-okay I should stop calling her it, she might be listening.

Anyway, I was face to face with her.

She pulled out a knife and I stared, shocked.

And kicked her in the face and she fell back, purposely, she just wanted to scare me, because she lives off of fear.

I screamed and shoved my head under pillows.

My mom rushed in and asked "Kelly, what's wrong?"

I took my head out of the safety of the pillows and looked around.

Everything was normal! "W-what!, how did that just happen!" I said, shocked.

My mom sighed. "You were reading creepypastas again, weren't you, you know you get scared easily!"

She didn't wait for me to answer, I wasn't though.

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