Original title: “The walk
Date added: 08/25/13
Date stored: 08/25/13

Once a upon a time I'm just kidding once I was walking on a road but something didn't feel right about the road but still I went walking when I hit the Mesa "that is kinda far from my house" I was hearing weird noises in a cave that was near by so I wanted to check it out "bad idea" when I was looking in that cave something caught my eye I saw something with red eyes I couldn't see the body or any thing but when I went deeper in the cave I found a old lantern of some short.

But a while later I heard a really loud screech from somewhere so I ran as fast as I can back to my house when I got there I saw a note that read "went to town be back later" great I said on the clock it read 8:31pm "almost time to rest" I said when I fell to sleep I heard a tap on my window it was " tap tap tap" I got scared because I get scared easily but then I saw the red eyes again but to my retrospect It looked like a skinny person.

A while later I took my flashlight with me to check it out "because my parents weren't back yet" I opened my door and I saw it it look ugly because his/her clothing was ripped up and has four arms and very sharp teeth it was eating something of some short then I ran back inside I maybe thought it was here for the lantern but no.

I went back to my room it broke the front door down and tried looking for me luckily it was hiding under my bed but with the lantern the monster said in a demonic voice saying "gimme the lantern back and I won't hurt you" I said to my self "he is lying to me" so I went and threw the lantern to it and the thing ran out and went back to its cave.

Aftermath: Later on I was looking on the Internet and found out that a mutated monster had broke out of a testing facility.

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